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Enjoy contemporary Thai and Chinese cuisine when you eat at Yubo. When you visit our restaurant our food, of course, takes centre stage, but we strongly believe in the full experience. Enjoy traditional Thai and Chinese meals along with a great atmosphere provide by our staff, modern surroundings as well as the chance to sample our extensive cocktail menu.

When you eat at Yubo we believe that the experience of having a Thai meal should be a communal one. Many of the dishes on our menu can be served for everyone in your party to share. This brings your group closer together, but also makes the meal more enjoyable as you can sample different dishes.

Making a place that you and your friends remember, but also want to revisit is our aim.

Michael Chung – Yubo Owner

From the moment you enter, until the moment you leave we want your time with us to be unforgettable. People who enjoy their food along with the full experience on offer are more likely to both re-visit us, but also tell friends and family to visit too.

thai rice dish with prawns available at Yubo Bar & Restaurant
Thai & Chinese Dishes
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"The sweetness of food doesn’t last long, but the sweetness of good words does"

– Thai proverb

Our Team

The team at Yubo have each been specifically chosen to help provide the perfect experience for our customers, from our time served traditional Thai and Chinese chefs, through to our attentive waiting staff our team are on hand for you.

Our Menu

Whether it is our traditional Thai menu, or our authentic Chinese dishes in Peking or Cantonese styles, when you eat at Yubo we are sure we have something for everyone, we are also able to adapt our dishes to suit your tastes.

Our Reputation

We strongly believe that our food speaks for itself, however we are very happy to have received hundreds of positive reviews from many satisfied customers as well as numerous awards for our restaurant and our food.

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